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From & Bruce Eberle of Millions of Americans.Com
September 26, 2002

Soon after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, two high-ranking Chinese military planners actually took credit for the 9/11 attacks - and were even hailed as national heroes in China.

In fact, and incredible as it may seem, three years before 9/11, these same Chinese colonels had proposed the attacks and cited Osama bin Laden by name in their book "Unrestricted Warfare." has obtained the once top-secret CIA translation of this shocking shock -- and has made it available to all Americans. You can see it by clicking here:

Click Here

The authors of "Unrestricted Warfare" are Senior Cols. Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, and in 1999 they wrote that an attack by bin Laden on the World Trade Center would be just the type of "unrestricted warfare" that could bring down America.

The book was published by China's People's Liberation Army and had the endorsement of the Chinese government.

"Unrestricted Warfare" makes clear its purpose: offering China and other "weak" countries a strategy to destroy the U.S. without a full-scale invasion, using unusual or "asymmetrical" warfare.

NewsMax has recently obtained the CIA translation of this astounding book and has made it available with an introduction by Al Santoli, editor of the prestigious China Reform Monitor, Click Here to read more:

The importance of this book was highlighted soon after 9/11, when the Chinese colonels were treated as national heroes.

In one interview with the Chinese government-owned Ta Kung Pao newspaper in Hong Kong, the colonels offered little sympathy for the Americans killed in 9/11.

They told the paper, "The series of attacks taking place in the United States were very dreary and terrifying, but they must not be viewed from a single perspective" - that is, the U.S. as victims. The colonels then added coldly that the Americans "were victims of U.S. foreign policy."

The colonels were quick to take credit for the attacks on the World Trade Center, telling the paper their strategy had worked and that "September 11, 2001 very likely is the beginning of the decline of the United States, as a superpower."

Qiao and Wang offer in "Unrestricted Warfare" several new methods for destroying the U.S. - from manipulating U.S. media, to homicide-suicide bombing, to using immigrants as a fifth column, and even employing cyber attacks to destroy America's critical infrastructure.

You can see even more details of Chinese war plans and suggestions to terrorists by clicking here:

Click Here

Both colonels agreed that the unconventional attacks of 9/11 were right from the pages of their book, and they demonstrated their theory works. "The attacks demonstrated the United States' fragility and weakness and showed that essentially it is unable to stand attacks. ... The United States, a giant tiger, has been dealing with mice; unexpectedly, this time it was bitten by mice - it has been wielding a large hammer but has been unable to find the flea.

"From a short-term perspective, the attacks in the United States will very likely have some effect on China's economy - they might affect China's economic growth. However, from a long-term viewpoint, they could be favorable to China."

"Unrestricted Warfare" has set off alarm bells among several high-ranking U.S. officers.

Adm. Thomas Moorer, former chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, warns, "'Unrestricted Warfare' reveals China's game plan in its coming war with America." He adds ominously, "China thinks it can destroy America by using these tactics."

Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub, former chief of staff of U.S. Forces Korea, shares Adm. Moorer's view.

"The 9/11 attacks may just be the beginning. Many terrorist nations and groups will try to imitate this operation," Gen. Singlaub said, noting "China's war book 'Unrestricted Warfare' will be their text."

The translation of "Unrestricted Warfare" made for the CIA is not available in print elsewhere - you can get your copy by clicking here:

Click Here

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