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From "Advocacy for Israel Committee Committee of Congregation"
October 2002

Why Hasbara ?

Hazbarah, (haz-ba-rah) n. explanation; Hazba (haz-ba) v. to explain. The publication of the Advocacy for Israel Committee (A-Team) of Congregation

See this site : and now see .

The Web Site www.Hasbara.US is the front page of Israel advocacy and all Jewish communities worldwide.

Hasbara.US was designed and has been operated by a group of volunteers, who seek to create and maintain a sense of community offering a deeper understanding of the situation in Israel today, and perhaps more importantly, of the people who lives here.

Hasbara.US is the ultimate tool to connect Jewish and christians \ Israel Supporters people in the world:

  • Provides a comprehensive True and Reliable data base
  • Variety of links for surfers, who search for information related to Israel and Jews. Most efficient usage for Reporters, Newspapers, Students, Business and Home use.
  • Direct access to relevant pro-Israel \ Jewish web sites
  • Expose and monitor anti-Zionism propaganda
  • Multi-language support (Automatic) for all Hasbara.US pages
  • Exposing and fighting the Anti-Semite propaganda on the Internet
  • Huge database of Jewish communities (6-7 million web users) on 124 countries and access to over 18000 Reporters.
  • Supported by 4500 powerful search engines and distribution tools.

To counter anti-Israel bias, Hasbara.US needs YOU to join a public relations outreach network. Together we make an impact:

  • Explore major issues as they arise -- matters of vital importance to Israel's security and economy.
  • Tell Israel's story in a positive way and stand for our rights.
  • Control and provide an accurate advocacy data to make a major impact on public opinion on a worldwide scale.

Today, we face threats against the human values we hold dear. Now, more than ever, we must unite to care for each other and to ensure the continuity of our future as a people with Israel at its center.

Yours Sincerely,
Hasbara.US Team

Email: Info@Hasbara.US
Email2: Volunteer@Hasbara.US
The new site start to 01/ 11 /2002

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