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Robert "Red" Bright
Hope, AK
Feb. 20, 2003

Hi there,

Here I am again, as you can tell, taking time from an English assignment. I received an "A" on my last paper, by the way. I made two errors with pronoun agreement, but I had some help in the English Lab. Anyway on to Korea, I must send you this because of the news about the N. Korean plane over-flying S. Korea. I don't have any info about that; other than what was in the papers. I do take the time to scan a lot of news papers on the internet and my barber is Korean. I hope it was an accident, but it could be N. Korea pulling King George's tail.

While the liberal media uses this as another opportunity to bash the President, when it was their man Billie Bob that gave the N. Koreans their nuclear capability, in the first place, King George III's administration wastes no time condemning the fly over. I am sure you all know that I am no fan of the King and his Court and am found of bashing them myself. But, let us bash them for what they are really not doing.

I must remind all of you that the newly elected President of S. Korea ran, in a democracy, on an anti US of A and a unification of the two Koreas platform. Also, the S. Korean Government has a Minister of Unification; they have a plan, behind schedule, to open ground transportation routes between N and S. Korea. The Armies of both N and S. have been removing land mines and other barriers for some time. In the last couple of weeks they opened a highway and several bus loads of S. Korean tourist rode through N. Korea to some Mountain Shrine. The S.Koreans have been going to this Shrine for a long time, but they had to go by boat. In the future they will be able to go by bus. The Unification Minister said they hope to get a rail road open next. He did not say anything about us.

Please keep this in mind when there is talk about Korea.

Pray for early winter, this one is a wash

Red Bright

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