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Land Rights Network
American Land Rights Association
Mar. 1, 2004

Invitation to the 2004 National Property Rights Conference
Friday, April 16 through Sunday, April 18, 2004
Radisson Harbour Inn
Sandusky, Ohio (50 miles west of Cleveland)

Citizens for the Protection of Property Rights, and thirteen other property rights organizations nationwide, invite you to the 2004 National Property Rights Conference.

Co-sponsors include:

  • American Land Foundation
  • American Land Rights Association
  • Center for Individual Freedom
  • Citizens' Equal Rights Alliance
  • Citizens for the Protection of Property Rights
  • Coalition for Property Rights
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • League of Private Property Voters
  • National Association of Reversionary Property Owners
  • National Grange
  • Ohio Grange
  • Ohio Lakefront Group
  • United Property Owners

Leadership Institute -- SPECIAL FEATURE:

The conference will begin on April 16th with a daylong grassroots seminar conducted by the Leadership Institute from Washington, DC. This is an ideal opportunity for both the novice and the more experienced property rights advocate to learn how to become even more effective. This optional workshop begins at 8:30 a.m., includes lunch and ends at 5 p.m.

Cost: $65. (Leadership Institute Seminar only)

The conference will feature a mix of general sessions led by nationally renowned speakers, along with breakout sessions covering a wide range of legal and practical how-to topics. Some of the general session speakers include.

Robert "RJ" Smith -- Competitive Enterprise Institute (Washington, DC)

Chuck Cushman -- American Land Rights Association, Land Rights Network and the League of Private Property Voters

Nels Ackerson -- The Ackerson Group (Washington, DC)

Andrew Langer -- National Federation of Independent Business

The breakout sessions are similarly led by an outstanding faculty from across the country and cover a very wide range of topics. In addition to the speakers identified below, there are additional speakers being added regularly. Many of the sessions will take the form of panel discussions. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions in order to maximize their learning opportunities.

Eminent Domain -- Jeff Rengel, esq

Reversionary Rights & Rails-to-Trails
Panel Discussion:
Dick Welsh (Nat'l Assoc of Rever Prop Owners)
Tony Logan (Brooks & Logan, Co. L.P.A.)

Inholder Lands tba

Submerged Lands & Coastal Zones
Panel Discussion:
Tony Yankel (Ohio Lakefront Group)
Vitas Cyvas (Ohio Lakefront Group)

"Take" Provision of Endangered Species Act tba

Conservation Easements
Laddie Marous (Ohio Grange)

Nature Conservancy tba

National Heritage Areas tba

Federal Indian Policy
Donna & Clarence Fitz (Citizens Equal Rights Alliance)

How to Respond: "It's Green" and "It's for the Community's Good"
Jeff Rengel, esq

Grassroots Organizing
Doug Doudney (Coalition for Property Rights)

Legal Options: Civil Rights Actions/ Insurance/etc.
Nels Ackerson (The Ackerson Group)

Grantsmanship & Fundraising tba

Media & Public Relations
Panel Discussion:
Jeff Krabill (The Krabill Marketing Group) tba

Lobbying & Political Activism
Panel Discussion:
Sen. Tim Grendell tba

Internet Activism
Panel Discussion:
Lady Liberty tba

In America today there are over 450 property rights organizations, and tens of thousands of citizens that are being forced to defend their property rights against manipulative local and state governments and Federal land regulatory agencies.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join forces, network, share ideas, listen to the experts and learn the latest in a wide range of strategies and related issues. This conference is designed to help others fight their own battles in their own backyards, and to win!

The Conference will run from Friday through Sunday, April 16-18, 2004, at the beautiful Radisson Harbour Inn on the Bay in Sandusky, Ohio, and feature nationally renowned speakers at the General Sessions. Visit the Conference website:

The 2004 National Property Rights Conference itself will kick off with registration on April 16th at 4:30 p.m., a reception at 6 p.m. and the general session at 7 p.m. A continental breakfast and registration at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 17th will lead into a mix of general sessions, along with breakout sessions, covering a wide range of legal and practical how-to topics. This will be followed by a reception, dinner and a special evening session. Sunday, April 18th begins with a breakfast buffet at 7:30 a.m. followed by a general session and a wrap-up session at 11 a.m.

Conference Registration Cost: $150.
(Not Including Leadership Institute Seminar)

For complete information on the 2004 National Property Rights Conference visit You can register on-line. Overnight lodging is available at the Radisson Harbour Inn for which special rates are available on the registration form (register online or get a downloadable form at We encourage you to register early.

Please feel free to pass this conference information on to friends, family, mailing lists or anyone you think may be interested. We look forward to seeing you at the 2004 National Property Rights Conference!

Visit us at

Land Rights Network
American Land Rights Association
PO Box 400 - Battle Ground, WA 98604
Phone: 360-687-3087 - Fax: 360-687-2973 -
E-mail: or
Web Address:
Legislative Office:
507 Seward Square SE - Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202-210-2357 - Fax: 202-543-7126

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