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Alan Stang
Submitted by Albert Burns
Through Sartre's BATR Yahoo Group
Mar. 2, 2004

As your intrepid correspondent launches this new series of commentaries, it would be helpful to explain what we shall be writing about. As always, we shall be elucidating the queen of the issues--the one that separates the women from the girls: the Conspiracy that orchestrates many of the horrors we presently suffer.

What do we mean by "Conspiracy?"

We mean the orchestrated scheme conducted by the billionaire totalitarian socialist power-lusters who rule us, and whose purpose is to submerge our country in a brutal world government that would impose a dictatorship on all people in all former nations, a dictatorship so severe it would make Hitler look in retrospect like a simpering playground bully. It is important to establish what world government means. However respectable and innocuous its advocates have made it, world government still means the destruction of the U.S. government, for the simple reason that the two things are mutually exclusive.

You can have either the U.S. government--or you can have world government. You can't have both, because two solid objects can't occupy the same space at the same time. An American who schemes to destroy the U.S. government in behalf of a foreign power--some other (world) government--is guilty of treason. If the world government conspirators succeed, what was the United States would become simply a wide spot in the road--and they are now very close to success, via immigration, international agreements, etc., One is not supposed to talk about that. Such discussion breaks some unspoken rule. One is allowed to talk about the effects of conspiratorial machination, about the surface of events, but not about the conspiracy itself.

Anyone who does is usually covered by opprobrium extruded by kept capons in the media whose job is to obfuscate, especially including the anatomical males at the New York Times, who put their pants on backwards. Among their complaints is the accusation that revelations about a "so-called conspiracy," are "simplistic," because they attribute everything to one cause. As usual, the exact opposite is true. It is "simplistic" to the max to believe that everything "just happens." According to the Just Happens school of historical analysis, there are no basic causes and effects, no connections, no reasons. Things "just happen," by themselves.

It is much more taxing to uncover who met with whom, said what to whom and did what with whom, just as flatfoot police work to uncover clues is more taxing than mere speculation.

Another sissy accusation is that those of us who expose the Conspiracy oppose the U.S. government. On the contrary, we expose the Conspiracy because our purpose is to protect the historic system bequeathed us by the Constitution. The men who do everything to destroy it are the termites who scheme to destroy our independence. Remember, we are not talking about people who are sick, poor and illiterate, but about the most powerful people in this country.

Do you mean that the conspirators we are talking about actually sit down around a table and make plans?

Yes, that is exactly what we mean. The dictionary says that a conspiracy consists of two or more people, who meet in secret for an evil end. All you need are those people sitting around that table. A conspiracy does not need to incorporate under the laws of Delaware or Nevada. It doesn't need to issue membership cards. If a couple or three people meet secretly to plan a burglary, there is a conspiracy. Because secrecy is an essential element of conspiracy, conspirators will do everything to stay under their rock. When someone turns their rock over, they scatter. Exposure tends to destroy a conspiracy, because when the victims discover its evil end, they rebel. For instance, anyone who has been to the movies is familiar with the Mafia. Here is an informal group of men who sit down at a table and plan. They don't exist officially, on paper. They shrug, laugh and deny there is any such thing, but no one else denies they are very real. In the same way, once or twice a year, the most powerful people in the world meet at a resort, surrounded by guards with machine guns, and decide what will happen to us, to our lives our property and families, during the next year.

This particular instrument of the Conspiracy doesn't have a name. It consists merely of congenial megalopolists who meet to plan policy. The most powerful people in the U.S. media--the men who run the television networks and big American newspapers participate in those meetings, but they have never reported a word that was said. In fact, David Rockefeller, of the Trilateral Commission, another arm of the conspiracy, once explained that without the cooperation of those media moguls, those meetings could not have taken place. Investigators call the conspirators at these informal confabs where U.S. policy is decided the Bilderbergers, after the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oostebeek, Holland, where the first meeting convened in 1954, under the imprimatur of Nazi sympathizer Prince Bernhard. The only difference between the Mafia and the Bilderbergers or the Trilateral Commission, etc., is that the Bilderbergers have an ample supply of Harvard Professors, who provide protective coloration by means of ideology. If the mob were to hire some Harvard Professors instead of more head busters, they would find themselves less often in the slam. Indeed, the protection racket was a rudimentary effort in that direction. "Buy my insurance, or I breaka you head." Because a Harvard professor is trained to Pile it Higher and Deeper, he can say the same thing so it sounds as if it almost makes sense.

Why must we expose the conspiracy?

We must because without such exposure we have no hope of winning the present battle for America. Suppose I tell you that our country is going down the tubes because things Just Happen; because we Just Happened to be at the wrong point on the cycle of history that governs all nations; because a couple of soreheads in Oklahoma City just happened to have some fertilizer and a truck; because most of the people who run the Bush Administration just happen to belong to the same, exclusive organization the people who ran the Clinton Administration just happened to join.

What is your response?

You are sad, you are frustrated, but you do nothing and go home, because there is nothing one can do about the cycle of history that governs all nations. Without an understanding of why things happen and who is committing them, one would always stagger blindly through events in a miasma. What does NAFTA really mean? What is the real purpose of gun confiscation? Why doesn't the government want pilots to be armed? Whose side is George W. on? Why did the Soviet Union "collapse?" Without an understanding of the conspiracy, one would never know. Suppose, on the contrary, I tell you that the relentless promotion of sodomy, the disaster in the government schools, the crisis on our borders, the international agreements that have deported our industry, our foreign policy that intrudes into every nation on earth--and on and on and on­ suppose I prove to you that all these things and then some are weapons employed in the same scheme to destroy America, by specific individuals whose names and addresses we know.

Suppose I show you that you have lost your job, your house, your assets and your wife because of the machinations of this handful of men. What do you do? Now, you are galvanized. You turn off the tube, put down the beer and reach for the Tennessee long rifle. You can't do anything about the cycle of history that governs all nations, but you sure can give men with names and addresses a headache.

The conspirators understand this better than we do. That is why they ridicule every attempt to expose them. An understanding of the Conspiracy is the Rosetta Stone that is required to decipher the present riddle. When the light goes on, you will never read the headlines the same way again. The factotums of the Conspiracy appear on television every day, to interpret federal policy and tell us what to think. They are beautifully groomed and dressed and infinitely smooth. They are relatively easy to spot, because, almost invariably, they have the personality of an android. They also have certain recognizable techniques, which they use over and over again because they work. They are experts at the use of dialectical materialism, of agents provocateur, of taking a couple of steps back in order to take a step forward.

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