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Justin Darr
Feb. 8, 2004

The Liberals still have a few weeks of back stabbing each other before everything is official, but we should not waste our time being amused by their antics. John Kerry is coming, and his campaign is going to be one of the most negative in recent memory.

Hey! Wait a minute. John Kerry has been stumping about how he wants to avoid the “politics of hate”. Are you insinuating that Kerry will flip flop on this issue, assassinate the character of President Bush on baseless innuendo, and mobilize his core supporters with fear mongering? Yes I am. How else do you think Kerry expects to win?

If Kerry were to actually try to run on his record and the issues he champions, his speeches would sound something like this:

“Hi, I’m John Kerry, and I am very tall.”

Reporter: “Mr. Kerry, you criticized President Bush for supporting special interests while you have received more special interest money than any other Senator over the last 15 years.”

“Let me be clear. I have only accepted money from special interests in return for political favors.”

Obviously, this is not a whole lot to base a campaign. Knowing this, Kerry made a strategic decision before the Iowa Caucus when his campaign was collapsing in on itself. Rather than trying to gather support for who he is and what he wants to do, he chose to repeat his performance of his 1996 reelection fight with then Massachusetts Governor William Weld and mud sling his way to victory. One of his steps was to bring into his campaign the former Clinton Administration chief of “opposition research” Mike Gehrke. That should be a levelheaded voice in the Kerry Camp. Here is a man who participated in an Administration who made the destruction of all opponents, critics, and rape victims a day-to-day event. If you can call what Clinton did “opposition research” than you probably call World War II a “property line dispute”. This is a terrible omen of things to come.

Suddenly, Kerry’s fortunes began to turn. He gained in the polls; largely do to his systematic flip-flopping on every issue to mirror those of Howard Dean. Next, “Robin” shows up in Vermont to riffle through Dean’s old documents. Evidently, she did not find much and took it out on the Library staff by acting like an idiot (NOTE: This is usually the signal from a Liberal that their pet theories are wrong. Since so many Liberals act like jerks, they must be wrong a lot.)

The lack of any evidence did not stop Kerry from personally attacking Dean’s temper and calling him “too far left”. Kerry could not attack specific policies since Kerry’s own views where pilfered from Dean. So, Kerry did the next best thing, claiming Dean’s opinions were his originally. In the end, somehow it worked. Kerry managed to flip the mother of all flops and slither his way to the Nomination.

What can be expected from the Kerry Campaign for the General Election? In one sentence, the man will do anything to win. In 1996, Kerry made a “gentleman’s agreement” with Governor Weld to run a positive, issues oriented campaign and not spend more than $5 million on their campaigns. Unfortunately for Governor Weld, Kerry forgot to tell him that the agreement would only apply if Kerry was ahead in the polls. As the election neared and Kerry was trailing in the race, John initiated a series of attack ads trying to connect Weld with Southern Senator Jesse Helms. Odd, considering Weld and Helm’s views were diametrically opposed, but in the Peoples’ Republic of Taxachusetts reality can get a little muddled from time to time. So much for Kerry being a “gentleman”.

As the costs of Kerry’s negative ad campaign approached the agreed $5 million limit, Kerry sought out the financing help of Johnny Chung (yes, Mr. Illegal Contribution himself). Chung hosted a fundraiser for Kerry in Beverly Hills (I guess for people from Massachusetts who were on vacation) in return for Kerry arranging an appointment with a senior SEC official and Liu Chaoying (A.K.A. Lieutenant Colonel Liu of the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army). Kerry then used his Communist funding to spend over $1 million on negative ads in the two weeks preceding the election. Since Weld was a man of his word with no foreign support, he could not keep up with Kerry’s spending and lost. The bottom line is Kerry will not let ethics stand between him and power.

Bush is going up against a political pit bull. Kerry has shown he will not let the truth be a hurdle for him. Kerry’s behavior in the Primaries has already shown his duplicity and ruthlessness, and this is against his friends! Imagine what he has planned for Bush.

The one question that John Kerry has never been able to answer is why he wants to be President. His voting record shows he has never been able to maintain a coherent stand on issues, and he has done nothing legislatively. Could it be that John Kerry sees the Presidency as nothing more than the next stop on his ego trip?

Justin Darr
36 Rolling Lane
Levittown, PA. 19055

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