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The Righteousness of Liberals

David Yeagley
Submitted by Paul Keepshorse
thru Sartre's BATR Yahoo group
April 20, 2004

Liberals must eat at Outback a lot. “No rules, just right.” Big ‘stakes,’ indeed. Power is their goal. Winning proves their “righteousness.” They’ll trample on the most basic concepts of human decency even in their vociferous verbal aggressions. They’re rude, relentless and intolerant. Anything to win.

Amazingly, liberals have established an implied association with Christianity. Christian Leftists like to think Jesus was a young radical socialist , and that the Pharisees were the old vanguard of tradition and conservatism. Jesus was the hero of social change, and “ progressive ” ideology, and the Pharisees were like crusty old Republicans who cherished the tradition of the fathers.

But the Pharisees weren’t conservatives at all. The Pharisees were liberals. Jesus was the conservative.

The Pharisees were constantly heckling, rudely interrupting, and over-shouting Jesus, accusing him of defying the traditions of the elders (Matt. 15: 1-3). But Jesus exposed them as unbelievers. They believed neither Moses, nor the prophets, nor even God (John 5:46, 47). They were not patriots at all. In fact, their version of righteousness actually contradicted the foundations of the country.
(Matt. 15: 3-9).

Rembrandt's Jesus, 17th century

But the liberals claim to be conservative, and accuse the conservatives of being liberal. Those working to destroy the foundations accuse its defenders of destroying it.

I first faced this devilish swap of political labels at Yale Divinity School, a bastion of theological aberrancy, liberalism, and Christian Leftists.

Social activism has been a YDS priority in modern times, in fact distinguishing YDS from the other “big five” theology schools of America. Socialism and social activism are their version of righteousness. Whether through campaigning, demonstration, lobbying, or in some cases even violence , the goal is to bring about the right social conditions in the world.

It is essentially Marxism. ‘America is evil’ in the mantra. America has exploited weaker peoples of the world. “Third World” seminarians at YDS are often quite explicit about their socialism. Marxism is the right way. It is modern Christian righteousness. Assessing all political ideas as “right” or “wrong,” in the moral sense, is their way of Christianizing their socialist cause.

But to me, it seems like they think “righteousness” is just believing they’re right, and aggressively informing others about it. All Leftists, Christian or secular , are righteous in that respect. Indeed, the Leftists are the most “righteous” of all when it comes to coercing their values on others, even in conversation.

Consider Mark Mellmon defending John Kerry on Scarborough Country, Tuesday, March 9 . Typically Leftist, Mellmon was loud, incessant, rude. He had anticipated every rhetorical construct of both Scarborough and Ralph Reed (the Bush campaign advisor). Mellmon adroitly replaced the name of Kerry with Bush, and simply restated the exact accusations Scarborough had made of Kerry. It was the ultimate “flip-flop.”

I not sure even Ann Coulter can out maneuver such talk. Plain truth seems powerless against the juvenile, iron loud mouth Leftist. Their righteousness is basically out-talking, out-shouting, out-blabbing the opponent. It is all about coercion, not communication. If you have any sense of decency at all, the Leftist will roll you over. He has no respect, no class, and no courtesy.

But what about Christian Leftists? Aren’t they supposed to be courteous, kind, considerate?

They occasionally offer sweet condescension , which sometimes passes for Christian courtesy. They can feign pity for the deluded conservative. They can even offer to pray for his prejudice, his blindness, his ignorance and naiveté.

Liberal Christians take great pride and joy in consciously forgiving the criminal, in accepting all standards of religion and behavior. They’re never “judgmental.” They’re against the death penalty . They’re against guns . They’re against condemning anyone for anything. They love to tolerate —in the name of Christ.

They love legislation that forces others to tolerate their values. They love to destroy the ‘traditional values’ of marriage, individual responsibility, and freedom. They prefer to idolize the individual in the name of equality. In their judgment, the murderer has just as much right to life as his victim.

Funny, most politically Leftist Christians don’t even believe in the divinity of Christ or the inspiration of scripture.

Funny, liberals are not like Jesus at all. They’re like the Pharisees.

They’d rather condemn Jesus for healing a man on Sabbath than be happy that the man was miraculously healed. (John 5:16)

They’d rather condemn you for protecting yourself, like they condemned Tony Martin , the English farmer, for shooting intruders as they were breaking into his remote farm house.

That’s the righteousness of Liberals. They’re not like Jesus. They’re like Pharisees.

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