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Justin Darr
July 18, 2004

Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis and the 1972 Yom Kippur War has the United States been more at risk for a nuclear attack on its soil. Or, so we think. The fact is we do not really know. After years of budget cut backs and inane politically correct policies, the American intelligence services have been rendered too impotent to provide any reliable information about America’s threats from abroad. The only thing that is certain is, thanks to the cowardice of the Spanish, Islamists are going to try to stage a terrorist attack in the United States in an attempt to put John Kerry into the White House. Regardless of whatever rhetoric the Kerry Campaign may try to spin, the fact remains that our enemies see a Kerry Presidency as their best, if not only chance for victory in the War on Terror.

In the past, Kerry has been eager to boast his long list of “foreign endorsements”, but on this subject he has remained curiously silent. In fact, the most substantive thing to come from the Kerry Camp over the last month is that fact that he, and his running mate John Edwards, have better hair than Dick Cheney. Call me a skeptic, but I do not believe that our terrorist enemies want Bush out of office because they have something against male pattern baldness.

While nobody can seriously think that John Kerry wants to see another 9/11, or that he shares any common goals with international terrorists, it is obvious he is not taking the implications of his appeasement rhetoric seriously. When Kerry states he will not abandon the War on Terror, but try to reach out for international support instead of unilateral action, our enemies understand this to be an unconditional surrender to the forces of evil. Al Qaeda knows as well as we that the French and the United Nations will ever do anything to stop them other than slapping them on the wrist, issuing a few feckless condemnations, and then turning around and blaming Israel for the whole problem, no matter how many Americans are killed.

The reality is that we are fighting World War III. Just as World War II was drastically different from World War I, our current conflict has little similarity to the past. Our enemy may not define itself to one political territory, and the tactics, battlefields and methods of combat are unlike anything seen before, but these differences do not make this War any less serious. The stakes are the same as they were 60 years ago when we fought the Nazis; our freedom, our lives, our way of life, and the future of democracy around the world. Our enemy is stating right now that their goal is to kill 4 million American civilians in their next attack, and all John Kerry and John Edwards are willing to do is run around strumming guitars, tossing footballs, and pawing each other like a couple of chimps delousing themselves at the zoo.

This is a time for deadly seriousness, not goofball country fair politicking. Even “Pain in the Butt in Chief” Tom Daschle has seen the gravity of our current situation saying, “It is absolutely essential for the US Senate to turn its attention to what we can do to make America safe.” Maybe Daschle could start by asking Kerry to stop constantly undermining the war effort with his calling Bush a liar because he believed the same flawed intelligence that Kerry, Clinton, and every other prominent American and world leader believed about Iraq.

If Kerry wanted to do something new, like actually proposing a constructive solution to a problem instead of complaining all the time, he would acknowledge that Bush acted in good faith on bad information and recommend ideas on what he would do as President to make our intelligence gathering better so we never have to guess ever again whether some psychopath despot can incinerate Atlanta. But, instead, he is too consumed with his busy schedule of $250 hair cut coiffing, chili cook off judging, and Vice Presidential Candidate petting.

We are looking at terrorists saying that they want to kill millions of Americans, and intelligence is suggesting Iran, which might or might not have W.M.D. capability, looking as though they are cooperating with Al Qaeda, but we really have no idea if this information is accurate or not. What should we do Mr. Kerry? You want to be our President, tell us. Should we wait, make the U.N. happy but risk the unspeakable consequences of being wrong, or should be act first and take our chances that we are right? Are you going to show us that you are a leader who can make tough decisions and stand accountable for the consequences? Or, will it take mushroom clouds over New York, Washington, and Baltimore for John Kerry to stop playing politics with the War on Terror?

Justin Darr
36 Rolling Lane
Levittown, PA. 19055

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