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Al Benson Jr.
Oct. 4, 2004

Well, the government school educrats are at it again--like termites that never stop boring holes until the house collapses. If they can't paint all homeschooling families as potential redneck terrorists then they will try to call into question the "quality" of the education the students receive at home. This latest incident takes place in Mississippi. According to the "Meridian Star" a state education official says she is concerned about the growing popularity of homeschooling in the state of Mississippi. According to an AP report: "Peggy Peterson, director of compulsory attendance enforcement with the Mississippi Department of Education, said she fears some children may not be receiving top quality education instruction from their parents." (As if they ever got such in the government schools!) At this point, over 11,000 families in Mississippi homeschool their children, and that figure is up from about 8,700 in 1999. Peterson is forced to admit that some homeschooling parents have done a good job with educating their own children, but, with typical liberal compassion she is "...concerned about the ones who are not qualified to teach their children."

Her "concerns" all sound so laudable they just make you want to sit down and cry for those poor under-educated homeschool kids in Mississippi. Has it ever occurred to Ms. Peterson to ask why there are over 11,000 families in her state that have opted to teach their children at home rather than submit them to the government "education" system? Have the professional educrats in any other states ever bothered to ask seriously why the homeschooling population nationwide is increasing? Probably not. They are so concerned about getting federal dollars for every student that occupies a seat in the local branch of the government brain laundry that, outside of promoting propaganda, this is the real name of the game. More students enrolled in government schools means more federal dollars for the school district. As for education, who, with a straight face, can honestly tell us that these schools "educate" anyone?

I have seen, over the years, some of the American history material used in some of these government schools. Lots of slick paper publications with lots of pictures and precious little real history. Most of it is little more than politically correct multicultural propaganda, informing us about all that the minorities have done in the building of America, while ignoring anything good that white folks have done. Indeed, according to some of these histories you would think the white folks only arrived just in time to start the institution of slavery about forty years before the War of Northern Aggression.

Actually, what Ms. Peterson is concerned about is that more and more Mississippi families are beginning to realize that the government school system is morally bankrupt, does not and never did truly educate their children, and so they are voting with their feet and seceding from that system. Such a trend does not bode well for future school bond issues and the teachers' unions, who are really more concerned with Leftist politics than with education anyway.

I knew a Christian pastor in Mississippi several years ago that had a small Christian school in his church. He ended up, somehow, in a public debate with the local government school educrat. One of the first questions the educrat asked the pastor was if the youngsters in his school used the same material that the kids in public schools used. The pastor frankly replied that, no, they didn't. As far as the government educrat was concerned the debate was over then and there. He said: "See, that means the children in your school won't think like the children in public school." To which the pastor replied "Lord willing."

What not all, but many, in the homeschooling community across the country realize is that the government school system promotes an anti-Christian, socialist mentality and they don't want their kids to be trained in that mindset. But, then, given the foundations of the government school system, could you expect anything else from it?

My wife and I refused to have our children propagandized with that Leftist outlook and we don't want our grandchildren to be put through that socialist education wringer either.

Interestingly enough, Sarah Nicholas, a spokeswoman for the state College Board has noted that homeschooled children often do much better on the SAT and American College Test than do government school students. Nicholas stated: "I don't know why they (homeschoolers) score so high, but historically, students who are homeschooled usually have exceptionally high scores on those tests." That being the case, the educrat's "concern" about quality education for homeschoolers seems to ring a little hollow. To be sure, you will always find some homeschooling families that don't do it completely right, but can you say any less for the government schools? I think not.

Many government school bureaucrats really view homeschooling as competition to the "educational" monopoly they want to exercise, and many others understand that homeschooled students will not be subject to their propaganda and will, thereby, be able to think on their own, outside the government school box, as it were. And, in the final analysis, that is what really bothers them.

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