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Sir David-Anthony
Oct. 14, 2004

Greetings Folks:


AG Blue Here it comes, a bureaucRat's nightmare. Allison DeVante, one of the young ladies, who was abused by her commanding Officers while stationed at Fort Drum is coming out in full public view. In R&B Music circles, she has been known as AG Blue for years. Now her fans will be shown the dark "dayz" of her life, which Uncle Sam called "tour of duty".

Allison was an Army broadcast journalist and their poster girl. She had her own morning upbeat radio broadcast, like that of "Good morning Viet Nam". She sang to and entertained the troops in Kosovo. She sang the "National Anthem" at Ridgley Field and the 911 Memorial Ceremonies. She had it good! She was the Army's prize possession and model show piece for recruiting. But, all of that change when Allison broke the "secrete code of silence" two years ago. At which point, her glorious Military Career became a living HELL for her and her family.

What Uncle Sam doesn't tell young women, who join the military is that there is a secret policy of the Officers' "Good-old-boys Club". That policy is "put out and shut up" or "get out". If a young lady doesn't do these things then she will be harassed and abused daily until they finish having their fun, then they will court-material their victims and throw "uncooperative ladies" out of the military. It doesn't stop there. It is almost impossible for these gals to receive employment once back in civilian life, since Uncle Sam gives them an unwarranted extremely bad reference; so bad that almost no one is willing to hire any of these ladies.

I have maintained close contact with Allison and several of the other ladies, who were put through a living HELL in the last two years at Fort Drum. Most are still afraid to go public. I hope that Allison's efforts will encourage others to take a breath of fresh air and walk out into the light; as they were taught in the military, "let's go kick ASS". There is safety in numbers, remember that is how it worked while you were in the military, Officers and NCOs ganged up like a pack of wolves. I know that it was sad when you discovered that you could even go to CID, JAG or the Chaplin for help or counseling, since they, too, were part of the "Good-old-boys Club".

If a young lady, who breaks the code of silence, has kids, one of the sickest games that these "Good-old-boys" seem to enjoy playing, is the harassment and terrorization of her kids. Yep, really brave men! I have a solution to problem. Eunuchs anyone! I certainly suspect that that would give the "Good-old-boys Club" membership a permanent attitude adjustment and some of them might even learn to sing soprano.

Last year there were eleven or more reported rapes at Fort Drum and no prosecutions. This year there have been over two dozen women from Fort Drum, who have reported being raped, but still no prosecutions. Drug sales are, also, at epidemic proportions. The Base is presently plagued with a very high court-martial rate for alcohol and drug abuse. The Tenth Mountain Division, one of the US Armies finest, is decaying from within; and is on a course head for self-destruction.

On June 4, 2003 at approximately 13:30, a 27 year old nursing mother, with a three month old baby, mysteriously died. The Officials at Fort Drum are still trying to conceal the death of Pamela Bitters. If one knows how to contact her parents, brothers or sisters; or know anything about her death, will you please contact me. The death of this young lady is not going to go unnoticed. Here is another unanswered question, "is Pamela Bitters the daughter-in-law of Major General David Bitters of Fort Leavenworth; can anyone answer this question, if you please?

Any lady out there, especially from Fort Drum, who would like to talk, may I encourage you. Please, contact me, Sir David-Andrew, , I am listening; or contact: Captain Dorothy Mackey Office: 1-954-731-2568 or Major Glenn MacDonald 1-480-883-1568 after 10AM MT

AG Blue's new CD "Darkest Dayz" will be available for purchase November First. I, personally, am not a R&B Music fan; however, AG Blue has a nice voice and a good sound to some of her songs. I found from her past CD's that there are usually at least three song per CD, which I have enjoyed. I have not yet heard all the Music on this new CD; however, of those which I have heard, one I like and two, shall I say, are very interesting; yes, very interesting. "HELLO, Uncle Sam!" Or, was that, "To HELL with Uncle Sam!" Yep, very interesting indeed! R&B Music fans this one is a must for your collection. The next time you happen to be parked in from of your local recruiting station, you may wish to turn up your boom box so that those in the general area might also hear what AG Blue has to say. This is one gal, which the "Good-old-boys" will wish that they would have had treated her better. One might say that this CD will "haunt" the US Military.

"America's third Revolution, an idea whose time has come."

Sir David-Andrew.
Reporter for PBN and PATV

"The sabers are rattling with sounds of distant cannon's roar. And, you thought this could not happen in you back door! There is a MAD hu-man sitting with a straw up his nose, And his finger on the RED BUTTON, there he goes!"
Sir David-Andrew. (2004)

Rape victim still Fighting


Today, as recording artist “a.g. bLUE” I begin a campaign to educate young women and men to the dangers of sexual assault inside the United States Army. I’ve also joined the VOTE or DIE campaign shared by music industry artists around the country promoting serious change.

This post card sent to you is now being distributed nation-wide via the Internet and passed out at voting centers with the intent to encourage people to think and bring about change. It will also introduce my web address where visitors can read the story of my military experience, view political case documents or visit my chat room for live discussions.

This post card provides an initial step, therapeutic in nature, allowing me an opportunity to release and tell all who will listen, that I may heal and move on.

am49.jpg - 39706 Bytes am49a.jpg - 41548 Bytes


a.g. bLUE

“Specialist Allison DeVante,
10th Mountain Division, (LI) New York”

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