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Nov. 8, 2004

National Mythologies and the Aftermath of Election 2004Mark Dankof I write today from downtown Dallas with the use of a laptop computer. I am sitting on the concrete edifice adjacent to the infamous Grassy Knoll on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, scene of the assassination of President John Kennedy 41 years ago this month. From the exact spot where I now sit and type, Abraham Zapruder stood with the assistance of his secretary, Marilyn Sitzman, and exposed the 8 mm frames of the most famous piece of film in history--including frame 313 of his production--which depicted the exact end of the life of Mr. Kennedy courtesy of a rifle bullet fired not from his rear and the infamous Sixth Floor Window, but to his right front from the vantage point of a wooden stockade fence and a clump of trees which concealed the location of the sniper who fired the fatal shot into the President's right temple, which exited through a huge port created in the cerebellum by a mercury tipped projectile. It is clear from the truth now known about the physical shooting, and the conspiracy behind the event as articulated by Anthony Summers, Michael Collins Piper, Jim Marrs, and a bevy of other researchers, that the version of events created by the official Warren Commission in 1964 is a national mythology, with no relationship to the truth of what really happened on November 22, 1963. The specter of National Mythology repristinates throughout American history, including the official spin on the Lincoln Presidency, the War Between the States, the sinking of the USS Maine and the Spanish-American War, and American involvement in both World Wars. Robert Stinnett's book, Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor, begins to shed real light on what lay behind the events in the Pacific on December 7, 1941. It is only the diligence of Mr. Stinnett and the existence of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that finally enables the literate and curious among us to unravel the dark truth of the past 63 years. National Mythology extends beyond Lincoln, Pearl Harbor, and the assassination of JFK to the official spin being put on the re-election of George W. Bush. Among the chief lies inherent in the official spin is the notion that the events of last Tuesday represent a Renaissance of the Right in the American political landscape. If one defines the American Right in terms of Corporate American mercantilism, ongoing involvement in foreign wars, and the suppression of Constitutional freedoms at home, this is so. But like my friends Michael Peroutka and Howard Phillips, I stand by my own analysis of Bush proferred a week ago to David Kupelian of World Net Daily:

David Kupelian,
Vice President and Managing Editor
World Net Daily
WND Article

Dear Mr. Kupelian:

I am sorry that you find it tragic that Constitution Party and Libertarian Party voters will pull the lever for Michael Peroutka and Michael Badnarik as their respective Presidential nominees tomorrow. You indicate grave concern that our actions as patriotic, Constitutionally-oriented Americans and Christians might put President Bush out of a job. We sincerely hope so.

George W. Bush is a complete incompetent and one of the most dangerous men to ever occupy the Oval Office. The notion that

  1. $550 billion dollar annual federal budget deficits;

  2. $600 billion dollar manufacturing trade deficits;

  3. the loss of another 2.7 million American manufacturing jobs;

  4. a carte blanche amnesty for another 12 million illegal aliens;

  5. the passage of the draconian and un-Constitutional USA Patriot Act;

  6. the bankrolling of federally funded stem cell research and Planned Parenthood subsidies;

  7. the increasing Federalization of Education;

  8. the increasing support of the homosexual Log Cabin Republican lobby within his Administration; and

  9. the wholesale Bush support of every instrument of the New World Order--from NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, PMFN for Communist China, and the World Bank to the UN--are worthy of the vote of any informed American conservative and/or Christian patriot is patently and transparently ludicrous. Please give everyone a break.

  10. This of course, does not even touch the issue of:

  11. El Presidente's support for a $290 billion dollar preemptive war against a foreign nation sans a Constitutionally required Declaration of War, and his concurrent utilization of false intelligence on WMDs (and blatantly fraudulent pretenses) as the rationale for a discretionary offensive military action that has killed 100,000 Iraqi civilians already, with the body bags of our own sons and daughters piling up each day for delivery to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

Now that America is embroiled in the ongoing quicksand of a war of counterinsurgency against Sunnis, Shiites,and Kurds with no end in sight---and getting ready to expand the lunacy in question to Syria and Iran---why affirm the man and his advisors who have handed us what may well be the beginning of the end of the latest version of the Roman Empire?

Or is your visceral enthusiasm for Mr. Bush and his Neo-Conservative minions because World Net Daily has another primary agenda--that of supporting the genocidal policies of Ariel Sharon and the Likud party of Israel at all costs, especially with American financing and the deployment of American military surrogates as the Janissaries of Zionism?

If this is American Conservatism as understood by your publication, I for one will abstain in favor of the analysis of both Taki and Scott McConnell of The American Conservative that a vote for George W. Bush is an act of unprincipled moral, intellectual, and political suicide. And I second Taki's endorsement of Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party as "The Real Thing."

Pastor Mark Dankof
Mark Dankof's America

So where does all of this lead readers of, Breaking All the Rules, The American Conservative, and Lew Rockwell today? I offer my own brief suggestions and thoughts to the faithful.

  1. Corporate America and the War Party have not replaced the sovereignty of a loving, omniscient, omnipresent God as described by the Scriptures and revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ. Be sure of this. I have avoided the secular newspapers for a week in favor of the Gospel of John, the Book of Romans, and Logia's fine series of essays on Lutheranism and Eastern Orthodoxy entitled Wittenberg And/Or Constantinople (Reformation 2000, Volume IX, Number 4). Being reacquainted with God's writing and work sure beats Fox News and The Washington Post. I highly recommend it to each of you.

  2. Spend more time praying for those people and circumstances we have no power to help or to change on our own. This includes the poor souls on both sides of the Fallujah offensive today, the quagmire of Sudan, the Palestinian-Israeli tragedy, and many areas within our own shores. Derive comfort from the fact that the Holy Trinity is all sufficient in all areas and needs, and contrasts with all sinful men and evil circumstances. Pray without ceasing.

  3. Take a moment each day to help someone who really needs it.

  4. Avoid belief in National Mythologies. Return to the art of reading as Francis Bacon once described the task: Read not to believe and take for granted, nor to contradict and confute, but to weigh and consider.

  5. Put some goals down on paper. Dream of doing something you always wanted to do. For me, this involves a trip to the Middle East and Central Asia to do some good writing for SARTRE, Frank Whalen, and for my own Mark Dankof's America. The itinerary? I have decided on Rabat, Casablanca, Cairo, Istanbul, Palestine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Pasargadae and Turkmenistan. Why? Because I want to learn and see more--and to share it with each of you in the coming year.

  6. Tell someone you love that you do, while there is still time in the present cosmos.

  7. And at the end of the day, think what you can do for God and others in the day ahead. And finally, courtesy of my friend Howard Phillips, are the trends to watch as the days grow shorter--and the nights a bit longer--for Mr. Bush and his victorious "conservatives ":

    1. The Iraq quagmire will continue. Preemption in Iran and Syria? Watch.

    2. Mr. Bush (actually Mr. Greenspan) has added half a trillion dollars to our money supply in the last three months. Inflation on the order of the Weimar Republic? Watch.

    3. The U. S. Dollar has lost 40% of its rate against the Euro since its peak period, and 20% of its value against the Euro in the last year alone.


Come, Lord Jesus, come.

Mark Dankof is a correspondent with Mark Dankof's America,, SARTRE's Breaking All the Rules, and a series of additional paleo-conservative and Middle Eastern news sites. An ordained Lutheran pastor, he was the Constitution Party's candidate for the United States Senate in Delaware in the year 2000, against William Roth and Tom Carper.



The opinions and remarks contained in this forum may not necessarily be held by the Constitution Party itself.

"Constitutionalists" is a discussion forum established by and for members and friends of the Constitution Party.

This forum is *not* an official Constitution Party organ. Visit for official party positions.

PEROUTKA/BALDWIN 2004 God * Family * Republic

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