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International Forecaster
Oct. 25 2004


......The subject is Iraq’s debt to Kuwait. The players are Carlyle Corp., James Baker III, and the Albright Group, headed by Madeleine Albright and George and the neocons. All involved are connected one way or another with Carlyle and our government and all are elitists. Kuwait was informed in August that world opinion is turning in favor of debt forgiveness. Kuwait won’t see its $30 billion or the $27 billion in war reparations from Iraq’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait. In the face of world opposition the Albright Group and Carlyle, the consortium, offers its services. If Kuwait agrees to transfer the debts to the consortium’s foundation, the consortium will use their personal connections to persuade world leaders that Iraq must maximize its debt payments to Kuwait, which would be able to collect the money after 10-15 years. The more the consortium gets Iraq to pay during that period, the more Kuwait collects and, of course, taking a 5% commission the consortium get paid off $2.75 billion due to their connections. This, of course, is thieving and deceitful by all parties. It makes Kuwait lie about getting paid back. The public thinks Kuwait is forgiving the debt when it is not. This means Baker is duplicitous and is a classic conflict of interest. Baker is on two sides of the transaction. He is supposed to be representing the interests of the US, but he is a senior counselor at Carlyle, and Carlyle wants to get paid to use its connections to help Kuwait recover its debts from Iraq. Carlyle and other companies are exploiting Baker’s current position to try to land a deal with Kuwait that would undermine the interests of the US government. This is one of the greatest cons of all time. The consortium is saying, only through us do you have a chance to realize a substantial part of the debt. Why? Because of whom we are and who we know. Its influence peddling of the crassest kind. They are a den of vipers. The key is for Baker to resign as debt envoy then the Albright and Carlyle groups will be free to continue their scam. Watch, Baker will soon resign so he and his elitist cronies can snatch the $2.5 billion.

Iraq owes $200 billion. If it were forced to pay just a quarter of those claims, its debt would still be more than double its annual GDP. When they dethroned Saddam all debts were off, that is why so many nations were vehemently against invasion. Besides, they knew they would lose their oil leases, which they purchased during sanctions. From the beginning, Baker and Carlyle have lied about their involvement, not once but a multitude of times. Carlyle even submitted a signed statement to White House counsel Alberto Gonzales saying Carlyle does not have any investment in Iraq public or private, but it was not mentioned that Carlyle had, for months, been in negotiations with Kuwait to help secure its unpaid war debts from Iraq. These people are arch criminals. Albright, Carlyle and Baker are in violation of both criminal and regulatory statutes that prohibit government officials from participating in government business in which they have a financial interest. Of course, the Iraq reparation concept is the same ploy that was used on Germany in 1918. This was the groundwork for WWII. The elitist interests did the same thing in Iraq only this time they used sanctions as well. George H. W. Bush did not go into Baghdad in 1990 because they were then setting up for another invasion. The excuse was WMD and a terrorist act, which the elitists planned and executed in order to justify invasion. This time instead of Hitler being in power it was Hussein and now they are setting up to invade and occupy the entire Middle East and conscript your children and grandchildren to execute that plan. Your family is the cannon fodder. In the 18 months since invasion, Iraq has paid out $1.8 billion in reparations, while its people starve. It is no wonder we have perpetual warfare in Iraq and that everyone there hates us. Most of those payments have gone to Kuwait. If you remember it was the US that told Saddam that we didn’t care if he invaded Kuwait, which was stealing Iraqi oil. Thus far the UNCC has paid out $18.6 billion from Iraq in war reparations and has awarded $30 billion more to be paid in the future. The final figure ranges from $50 to $130 billion. The focus now is to rebuild Iraq, not pay reparations to Kuwait and that is where the crooks come in. Albright and Carlyle planned to lobby the UN Security council and use other eminent crooks, such as John Major, Gary Hart and Jeanne Kirkpatrick to squeeze the council. In the proposed foundation and investment fund a portion of the reparation funds would be used to take 40 state-owned Iraqi enterprises, make them available for leasing and management contracts, which, of course, would be held by Albright, Carlyle and assorted cronies. In other words, privatize the country. Not only would Albright and Carlyle collect monster fees, but also many others would be along for the ride. Elitist companies such as Fidelity Investments, Gaffney, Cline and Associates, Nexgen Financial, Emerging Markets Partnership an affiliate of AIG, which is under civil and criminal investigation and BNP, Paribas a European bank embroiled in the oil-for-food scandal. The arrogance of these criminals. Of course, whoever holds Iraq’s debt will influence policy. Kuwait has hardened its position and wants $30 billion plus $27 billion in reparations. Now France, Germany and Russia have formed their own group and do not want 90-95% cancellation but 50%. Baker, Carlyle, Albright and half-bright in the White House have really made a mess of this issue and it is really because of their greed and arrogance. This will be the next long-term scandal.

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