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Sep, 1, 2004

We are now living in very dangerous times as eco-terror has replaced the Cold War. This past month of August the U.S.mainland was hit by a category 4 Hurricane Charley. In 2003 we had a record number of T.S. and hurricanes 23 in all and this represents the pinnacle of weather engineering, induced tropical storms by the Russian Woodpecker scalar grid. 2004 might be even more disastrous as the former Soviet Union gears up for a massive assault on the U.S. with man made storms of all types, from Cat 5 hurricanes to floods of the greatest intensity ever seen and to snowstorms this up coming winter of great ferocity, all in the name of eco-terror.

Defense Secretary William Cohen acknowledged the eco-terror in a keynote speech in Georgia hosted by Senator Sam Nunn in April 1997. "That there are ingenious minds out there, looking to set off earthquakes, volcanoes and alter the climate using electromagnetic devices." This speech was all too prophetic in that the Russians had already intensified a hurricane to a cat 5 strength called Andrew in 1992 which caused almost $25 Billion in damages and economic losses to the United States per its direct hit on South Florida. Weather engineering at its most nefarious nature.

"North America has not had normal weather since 1976" per Tom Bearden, noted scientist and expert on Russian Tesla magnifying transmitters used for weather control.

The KGB/FSB these days are leasing the plasma emp weapons that operate out of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. It was a plasma (Tesla) howitzer fired from Sary Shagan in the central Republic that brought down the space shuttle Columbia in Feb. 2003 with an electromagnetic burst that vaporized the shuttle, 15 minutes from a safe return to Cape Canaveral killing the astronauts on-board. The second shuttle shot down by the Soviets/Russians since 1986 when Challenger was blown up 73 seconds after launch using directed energy weaponry.

I believe strongly that the Russians will attempt an incredible terror strike on the U.S. in the name of Al Qaeda who pays for the creation of the eco-terror against western society by hiring the Russians via the KGB. As it stands what could be the hurricane of the century is approaching landfall in the United States. It is being controlled by ionospheric heating and jet stream manipulation, much as Charley was using scalar extra low frequency waves to cause the storm to hit a desired point on a particular day if possible. They may be trying to have Frances hit Florida along the space coast to cause severe damage to Cape Canaveral, preventing the U.S. from launching the next space shuttle mission in the spring of 2005. I hope that NASA is battening down the hatches real tight.

The Russians are still in the depths of poverty and need the millions in fees that we are now paying them for Soyuz launches to the ISS, now that the shuttle is on hold. If they Russia, could destroy the main facilities at Cape Canaveral with a severe climatic event like a monster cat. 5 hurricane then we would be at their mercy for the next 2-5 years using Baikonur in Kazakhstan. Remember that the Central Republic is mostly Islamic and caters to the extremist groups under the tutelage of UBL. There would be nothing better than if Bin Laden could claim responsibility for the next event of terror in the form of eco-terror in cooperation with the Kazakhstan government against Jeb Bush's Florida once again.

I hope to God that I am wrong and that we can divert the track of Frances with the power of HAARP in Alaska. HAARP is our only defense against the might of Russian Tesla technology in weather control and missile defense.

Unfortunately "You Can Fool Mother Nature" these days.

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