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Marze Por Gohar Party
Jan. 25, 2005

Some Iranians have exhibited a weak memory in regards to historical events that pertain to Iran. Today we are seeing yet again an attempt of neo-reformists to let Iranians forget about the folly of 8 years of “reforms from within” and accept their new experiment with a referendum.

We have absolutely nothing to discuss with the occupying power we call the Islamic Republic, and while some are ready to sit down and have dialogue with the theocracy, we remember that there exists a sea of blood between Iranians and the Islamic Republic. While many who advocate a referendum frequently state that a person’s background has no importance no matter what kind of treachery they have committed, so long as they advocate some kind of referendum, they should know that it is they who have washed their hands in blood, and we in fact view them as the enemies of Iran.

In order for us to achieve and preserve freedom, democracy and independence we must be ready and willing to pay the price it comes with. Independence from foreign powers is one point that the pro-referendum mob has kept a big distance from. The pro-referendum crowd already know that a referendum to overthrow the Islamic Republic is not possible; however, they want to reach a point where they can declare to the world that they tried to go about it non-violently. Once the pro-referendum mob is ready to concede that a referendum is not possible they will invite foreign governments to attack Iran and have power delivered to them, very similar to what happened in Iraq.

During this century many revolutions have triumphed with minimal costs to the people, but can the same be said of military foreign intervention. It is well known that some factions among the pro-referendum crowd would like Iranians to believe that a people’s revolution will bring unimaginable damage to Iranians, implying that foreign troops should invade Iran, as opposed to Iranians cleaning out their own house. At the same time, another faction among the referendum advocates would like to demonstrate the futility of a referendum, consequently bringing international powers into full acceptance of the present regime, including its hard-line factions.

Those that are engaged in the referendum campaign are either traitors, collaborators with the Islamic Republic, individuals with criminal histories, or at best, are naïve and power-hungry.

We reiterate that our objections to the referendum issue are not confined to their intentional oversight regarding the issue of religious dictatorship and secularism. Rather, our concern is that our country is already being occupied by a non Iranian power. There are monumental problems in front of us, much bigger then the amendment of the Islamic Republic’s constitution. Our flag’s Lion and Sun has been replaced with Arabic scriptures, our compatriots have been shot and imprisoned for defending Iran, and all the referendum crowd can do is advocate amending the constitution?

In the history of our precious Iran, history has shown that referendums in Iran have never benefited Iran and have in fact worked against its interests. The fake and illegal referendum that never actually took place in either Iran or Bahrian and whose architect is one of Iran’s greatest traitors, nevertheless made it possible for Bahrain to separate from Iran in 1970, just as the fake referendum that brought about the Islamic Republic has resulted in Iran being occupied for 25 years by tyrants who have always denied nationhood and national interest. What expectations can we have from the collaboration of the very same groups of people who were behind those past referendums who are today masterminding today’s referendum?

We have on numerous occasions reiterated the importance of various matters such as the defense of the Persian Gulf and we will not compromise on matters that deal with the preservation of Iranian territorial integrity, national honor (such our flag and the Persian Gulf) and issues of national deception.

We view this statement as a historical document demonstrating that we will always try our hardest to inform our fellow compatriots regarding the dead-end that is the referendum hoax.

We sincerely hope that the vigilance of the Iranian people will defeat this new scheme much sooner then the eight year charade of “reforms from within”.

Long Live Iran.

Compiled by the Foreign Policy Council of the Marze Por Gohar Party

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