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Rodney Stubbs
Submitted by Don Stacey
Dec. 3, 2004

We are dying of a thousand cuts! The Illuminati has so thoroughly infiltrated our ranks that we see their devastating work almost daily now! Law after law after law is passed taking away our Constitutional rights and liberties. The government has taken over the airports and are conducting indecent examinations of women passengers daily. Our leaders are using radioactive weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan that will kill many, many of our young people sent by the military into harm’s way. Let me restate that: OUR LEADERS ARE NUKING OUR TROOPS !

Our country is bankrupt. Treasury Secretary O’Neill, before he was fired, studied the total obligations of our country. Bottom line: it is in excess of 50 trillion dollars. That is more than the Gross Domestic Product of the entire planet! The current deficit exceeds 400 billion dollars and is growing. In addition, we continue to buy more from other countries then we sell resulting in a record trade deficit that continues to grow. Consumers have amassed record levels of debt and continue to borrow more. The value of the dollar falls steadily in the currency markets and interest rates are rising. The housing bubble will likely burst soon. A stock market crash looms ever nearer.

Through the manipulation of electronic voting machines, our voting rights have been lost.

The media bears huge responsibility for our woes. They censor bad news, spin other news and generally facilitate the downfall of our country. Meanwhile, they feed us endless distractions such as O J. Simpson and Kobe Bryant. Bread and Circus!

On top of all these specific problems we have the even more threatening effort by the Illuminati to establish One World Government which will destroy our sovereignty and cancel our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Please read carefully the following article about the treasonous effort in this regard. The added emphasis is mine.

We seem helpless to do anything about these massive problems that have brought America to the edge of the precipice! We are truly staring into the abyss !.

Americans remain almost comatose in the face of extreme danger. Kinda reminds you of the good Germans who sat on their hands watching Hitler amass power until it was too late to do anything about it.


Don Stacey


“The United Nations unveiled a sweeping proposal to overhaul the organization, including the Security Council, in what would be the biggest UN reform since its founding in 1945,” according to a press release posted by the Worldwide News Agency.

The long awaited charter amendment that creates the policy for world governance is now being unveiled. The only thing missing is the implementation phase that will commence when Annan retires in 2006. That phase will likely be lead by none other than William Jefferson Clinton.

Citing “….bitter divisions over the war in Iraq, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan ordered a high-level panel last year to come up with the blueprint for the 21st century.” The blueprint eliminates representative government and destroys the constitution of the United States.

"What is needed is a comprehensive system of collective security, one that tackles both old and new threats, and addresses the security concerns of all states -- rich and poor, weak and strong," Annan said in an introduction to the report. A collective security system requires a collective form of governance. The collective forms of governance led to the fall of the former Soviet Union. In short the form of governance advocated by Kofi Annan is Communism.

He said the proposals, which must be approved by member nations, set out "a broad framework for collective security and indeed gives a broader meaning to that concept appropriate for the new millennium." The system of government advocated by Annan is not a democracy where representatives are elected by the people. Instead it is an appointed government ruled by a dictator. The collective system will lead to more corruption making the oil for food program pale by comparison.

“In setting out a blueprint for collective security decisions, the report also takes implicit aim at the United States over the Iraqi war, which was strongly opposed by Annan and many Security Council member states.” Our enemy is the United Nations and anyone in America who supports our enemy is a Traitor and their sedition should not be tolerated. No longer will America be able to defend itself under this type of regime. No longer will Americans be able to carry arms, and no longer will the sovereignty of the United States exist. This spells the end of Freedom as espoused by the Founding Fathers of the United States and the Declaration calls for Americans to rise up and take down those who advocate this form of governance.

"There is little evident international acceptance of the idea of security being best preserved by a balance of power or by any single -- even benignly motivated -- superpower," the panel said. "The yearning for an international system governed by the rule of law has grown," it said. "No state, no matter how powerful, can by its own efforts alone make itself invulnerable to today's threats." This was the whole scam behind 9-11-01, fortunately Al Gore was not the President, for all Americans would have felt the power of Martial Law and our Liberties would no longer exist. No one thought the United States could recover and carry out it’s duties to go after those who committed the crime.

“Annan has repeatedly maintained that many people around the globe are concerned about disease and poverty rather than terrorism and weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and much of the report underlines his core argument.”

That can be best described as horse manure.

“The report identifies a wide variety of threats to international security today, citing organized crime, poverty and failed states along with war, terrorism and WMD.” Corruption in the United Nations for the OIL FOR FOOD PROGRAM and the Carbon Credit trading scheme advocated by the Kyoto Treaty.

Kofi Annan’s plan, “….outlines three principles for collective security -- that current threats go beyond national boundaries, that no nation is strong enough to defend itself alone, and that not every nation will be willing or able to protect its own people or refrain from harming its neighbors.” This principle spells the end to the United States and its Constitution. Any political figure in the United States that subscribes to this principle should be removed from office for failing to uphold the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and should be tried for Treason for violating the United States Constitution.

Annan, “….whose term ends in 2006, has indicated that he will devote much of his remaining time in office to pushing for the reforms, which would have to be approved by member states. Revamping the Security Council, the top UN decision-making body, is likely to be the most contentious issue, and the panel itself came up with two competing proposals for expanding the council's membership to 24 seats.”

The report continues, “One method would add six new permanent members to the council, which has had the same five permanent states -- Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States -- since the United Nations was founded in the wake of World War II.” This is code for removing the veto power of the five members of the Security Council that hold the power to veto. If this power is lost, borders will be erased, and the American citizens will be subjected to beatings and machete attacks on a scale never before dreamed possible.

The Worldwide News Agency reports, “That proposal would also add three new non-permanent members to the 10 current non-permanent members, who hold rotating two-year seats. The six new permanent seats, without the veto power that the current five have, would be allotted to two nations from Asia, two from Africa, one from Europe and one from the Americas. The other proposal would create a third tier of council member Nations, which would be given four-year, non-permanent seats, which could be renewed.” This is non-representative government and the ideal needs to be quashed immediately.

All Americans should rise up and demand the United States withdrawal from the United Nations. Any Senator or State Representative who fails to immediately support legislation should be immediately removed from office. Any Governor of any State who advocates for Sustainable Development and attempts to follow in the stead of the United Nations should be recalled together with any other elected official who refuses to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Two-thirds of the 191 UN member nations would have to approve any change to the council membership, which would then take effect if none of the permanent members uses its veto power to block the move. The UN reform panel was headed by former Thai Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun. Among the other members are Brent Scowcroft, a former US national security advisor, and former Chinese foreign minister Qian Qichen.

Brent Scowcroft should be drawn and quartered for Treason. Brent Scowcroft and Maurice Strong went to President George HW Bush to sign the Rio Accords in 1992. The Rio Accords lead to William Jefferson Clinton and the formation of the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development. But wait there is more. Do you know what happened on 9-11-1990 before the United States Congress? That was the day; President George HW Bush declared the need to move forward with the NEW WORLD ORDER exactly the way it was spelled out by the news release from the United Nations today.

© 2004 Rodney Stubbs - All Rights Reserved

Rodney R. Stubbs received his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources at Oregon State University in 1964. Mr Stubbs is an expert in citizen involvement programs and the impact of smart growth and sustainable development principles and practices on American communities and families. Worked with farmers in Marion County to implement Exclusive Farm Use zones and Urban Growth Boundaries the precursor to Oregon’s Statewide Land Use Planning laws. Consulted with numerous county and city governments in Oregon during the early phases of Statewide Comprehensive Planning programs.

In the 1970s Mr. Stubbs founded the Oregon Property Rights Council. Served as an expert witness in federal civil rights case for owners of the Blueberry Café illegally closed by Marion County, OR. E-Mail.

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