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Don Stacey
Oct. 29, 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: sugarbear
Sent: Friday, 4:07 PM
Subject: Re: The Illuminati

The Illuminati date back several centuries. Marxism is an offspring of it, which isn't anything new. Karl just set down his ideas of how to accomplish it but it is fatally flawed. Marx believed in being able generate a utopia where men no longer displayed or possessed the normal human faults of greed and corruption.

This is a short article I have on the Illuminati....


The Illuminati were an order within an order of Freemasons. This order was founded on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a college professor in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, a part of modern Germany. Gary Kah cites John Robinson, 18th Century historian and prominent Mason, that the express aim of the Order was to abolish Christianity and overturn government.

At the Masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad, in July, 1782 the Illuminati reached the zenith of their power. This conference solidified Weishaupt and his order as undisputed head of the occult one-world movement. Weishaupt also forged an alliance with the growing Rothschild banker network.

The Illuminati were banned in Bavaria in 1786 as subversive. Their work was apparently exposed by an act of God when a messenger carrying secret information to members of the Illuminati was struck by lightning. His documents were exposed, and used as the basis of action by the government of Bavaria to ban the organization. Copies of this information was sent to heads of government all over Europe, but most people did not take it seriously. These people continued to exert influence through the network of illuminated Masonic Lodges already in place, especially through the Grand Orient Lodge of France.

Kah says that The Illuminati were condemned by George Washington in 1798. Our first president was a Mason, but he was a godly man. He was a surveyor, and would naturally belong to Masonic trades. But there is no evidence that he personally was involved in any of the unfortunate secret aspects of the founding of our nation and its capital, such as the city of Washington D.C. being laid out in the form of a pentagram. He wrote, "I have heard much of the nefarious and dangerous plan and doctrines of the Illuminati. It was not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States." (From The Writings of George Washington, V. 20: Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1941).

In addition to the Council on Foreign Relations, you have the Bilderbergergs and the Trilateral Commission plus lots of off shoots, all working behind the scenes to destroy 'nationalism' and bring about the NWO/one world government.

They are so far along that, during the last year of Clinton, the UN held it's largest meeting ever and re-wrote it's own charter, setting itself up as the seat of the NWO/One World Police State. Now, Clinton (it is hotly rumored) will be rewarded for his treason and sell-out of America by being named the first American ever to hold the title of Secretary General of the UN. have to remember that long-time, deep-cover Soviet Agent Alger Hiss wrote most of the UN Charter while working in the Roosevelt Administration. Contrary to the whining of the liberal Jews, after the fall of the old Soviet Union, massive numbers of files were released, including top secret files from the old KGB. And.....yes......just as we knew, Hiss was confirmed to be a KGB mole, just as were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were executed for spying and treason. And, the Hollywood media all but Canonized them, making a TV movie claiming they were innocent victims of the nasty ole McCarthy crowd.

In fact, Sen. McCarthy worked closely with the FBI, which had 'cracked' a number of the Soviet codes used to communicate with various segments of the Communist Party of America. They already KNEW who many of the 'Comrades" were, which McCarthy went after during the hearings was the case with Churchill and the cracking of German Codes, if we had gone straight for those traitors, it would have allowed the soviets to know we had cracked their codes, so McCarthy was forced to do it the hard way.

He was not a maniac. He knew very little about the Soviet/Communist till he was ASKED to head up that committee and he did his homework, studied hard, learned the facts, etc. Because there were so many of them in Washington, deep in our government, he was chastised, banned from Washington Society, banned from the White House, treated as a leper, and eventually cracked under the strain of it.

Two very prominent anti-Soviet/anti-Communists were George Patton and James Forestal, who both believed, and made no secret of their conviction, that we should kick the living crap out of Russia while we had the men and equipment in Europe to do so. Both died 'mysteriously'. Forestal suddenly displayed what we now know as the classic symptoms of having been slipped a dose of LSD, quickly declared mentally unstable, put in Walter Reed under heavy guard and then, supposedly commited suicide by jumping out of the window of his room, several stories up. Patton, known to be a first-rate driver, suddenly dies after the war, in a traffic accident that looked phony as hell and appeared to have been staged.

Doug Mac Arthur, who agreed with both of them, was so heavily guarded they couldn't get to him but the Comrades did their very best to discredit him with all the bullshit with Truman when, in fact, he was 'fired' by Truman for refusing to be the first American General in history to accept orders NOT to win a war. He called Truman a 'little bastard that actually thought he was a patriot'.

The Democratic party is now, for all practical purposes, the Communist Party. In reality, 'Communisim' or Marxism never existed in the Soviet Union, China, N. Korea, Cuba, etc. In every case, we have a brutal dictatorship where a very few of the most ruthless control the masses while spouting Marxist/Leninist/Maoist bullshit and live in regal luxury. Thirteen old men; men who got where they were at by killing off, buying off, or otherwise destroying their rivals, made up the Politbureau of the old Soviet Union. The same type of operation controls Red China.

Then, we have Castro and that ignorant asteroid orifice who controls N. Korea; brutal dictators, pure and simple, hiding behind the phony facade of Marxism.

Red China is our MORTAL ENEMY and always has been. The difference is that the Chinese are very patient and very smart. They have no problems with waiting and they also recognize Lenin's maxim that in order to go forward, one must, from time to time, take a short step backward. Red China has done this, adopting Capitalism to suit it's own purposes. Thanks to America's willingness to do business no matter how badly it is screwed in the process, we have 'given' Red China hundreds and hundreds of Billions of Dollars in balance-of-trade deficits, with which to build it's military and industrial complex; helping to further it's goal of world socialism. Thanks to treason in high places, we have made sure that Red China obtained our most advanced, super computers, our high tech multiple warhead missile system technology, our latest and most advanced aircraft building technology (from Boeing), and just about everything we know about modern, high speed production of products from condoms to auto engines and transmissions, etc (GM is now building it's engines and transmissions in China).

Most Americans do not understand that the vast manufacturing base that America has been responsible for financing in Red China is mostly owned/controlled by the 'Peoples Republic Army'. They control the prisons from where so much of the original slave labor was used to manufacture goods to be shipped to America for virtually nothing in terms of labor cost. The People's Republic Army Navy owns/controls COSCO, the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company, the world's largest shipping conglomerate. The Chinese government (thanks to Carter and Clinton), now controls and operates not only 'our' Panama Canal, but also the major shipping ports at either end of the canal. All they have to do to cut our throat is blow up a couple of tramp freighters in the locks to totally shut down the canal operation for months, thus destroying our navy's ability to rapidly steam from the Atlantic to the Pacific without sailing around the Horn.

The People's Republic Army Navy has built the largest deep water port in the world just forty or so miles from Florida. Next to that port, they have built one of the longest runways in the world. That port can be turned over, nearly instantly, into a military port.

Thanks to the continued ass-kissing of China, along with under-the-counter encouragement of our State Department, China has been infiltrating South America with tens of thousands of Chinese; many of them plants, working for their government. The Monroe Doctrine is dead and putrifying.

And, of course, both sides of the aisle of our supposed elected representatives have been working overtime to sell America down the river for $$. The congress is so heavily infiltrated and controlled by world socialist/traitors that they are out of the closet and bragging and no one seems to care.

Lenin said, so many years ago, that America would resist Communism with every fiber of it's being, but. when Communism was presented to them as "Progressive" and "Liberalism", we would adopt every single facet of it and......"fall like a ripe fruit, into their hands." He also predicted that America's own greed would be it's downfall and that they would sell us the rope with which we hung ourselves.


Here's the website of one of the most far-left Communists in congress, Dennis Kucinich. This website is paid for by YOUR tax dollars.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus (formerly the 'House Progressive Caucus') is a direct arm of the Democratic Socialist of America.

The Democratic Socialist of America is the 'kinder and gentler' name givien to the Communist Party of America. Make no mistake. They are, for all practical purposes, one and the same. They control the schools, the school text book writing and selection, the teacher's union, teacher's colleges, and they co-founded the NEA as their brainchild, to advance their purposes.

Their far-left members and fellow travelers own/control America's mass media.

The Communist Party of America was founded by the father of the late Armand Hammer, multi-billionaire industrialist, who bragged for many years, that he owned his own U.S. Senator; Senator Al Gore Sr. When Al Sr. kicked the bucket, Jr. took over.

Gore's daughter, Karina, was given a Russian name by Hammer. The Gore Family is heavily involved in not only Occidental Petroleum, which was owned by Hammer, but also in a large coal mining operation, set up for them by Hammer.

It is interesting to note that, the last year he was in office, Clinton sold America's largest strategic, emergency oil reserve, the U.S. Navy Oil Reserve in the Elk Hills here in CA, to Occidental Petroleum, to pump out and sell, thus removing a huge, emergency store of oil needed by our military in case of war. (The Elk Hills are about sixty miles west-south-west of Bakersfield, located near the town of Taft.)

Hammer got his seed money from Lenin, who was also Jewish, as was Trotsky.

The Russian Revolution was financed by the Jewish New York Bank, Kuen, Loeb. It's owner, at the time, was a man named Jacob Schiff, who was originally sent to America by Baron Rothschild, to establish himself in an American bank. Schiff's great grandson, Dr. Barry Schiff of New York, married Karina Gore five or six years ago; thus maintaining the blood link.

Thousands of liberal, American Jews, traveled to Europe to participate in the Russian Revolution.

There are so many interlocking tenacles of this giant machine working to enslave the world that it's like dealing with the fabled creature which grew two new heads for every one that got cut off.

I'm going to cut this off here but I hope some of this info helps.


----- Original Message ----- From: Dstacey To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2004 7:26 PM
Subject: The Illuminati

This item just arrived in my inbox and I am sending it on because I think it is well worth a careful read. Because our opinions are formed for us by the media, we end up thinking what we are supposed to think. So once in a while it is important to consider something that doesn't come from the media.

Don Stacey

Thursday, October 28, 2004


I wanted to add a few more key points that should have been incorporated within my first note to you.

The Illuminati comprise 13 families of nobility who are at the top of the pyramid. Directly under them are the Committee of 300, an interlocking group of elite players positioned within key fronts, facilitating implementation of their long standing goal of global governance. Some of these committees are mentioned in public dialogue, such as the Council on Foreign Relations. (CFR) Membership is limited to bloodline connections only, while many of the members are well known to you such as Tom Brokow, Dan Rather and a host of others. These interlocking groups control the ebb and flow of global policy by virtue of their lock on the media, military, banking, and the medical community for example. None of the policy has any direct effect on the masses well being, quite the contrary, the purpose is to spread disinformation so as to control reality along the lines most beneficial to them. (We will get to the Patriot Act in a moment) The masses assume, incorrectly, that negative global events are the result of chance, and fate, and simply a problem associated with normal/abnormal human interactions. This conclusion is totally false, and contrary to spiritual growth, (I am not religious, however this research has brought myself closer to the Mind of God as never before) as I will now illustrate.

Humankind is trapped on a Prison Planet called Earth. The Illuminati utilize deception to control the masses and establish what we wrongly perceive as reality. Fear is the tool of choice. They do so by making use of a psychological program enumerated by a 19th century German philosopher named Hegel. Hence, the term Heglian Dialectic, most recently enveloped in the "War on Terrorism." Their goal, as I have stated, requires a reduction in the global population, and control over the masses 24/7, in order to centralize global control. This is how it works-like a charm I might add.

The dissolution of nation states, primarily the United States, is an absolute requirement. Since any overt takeover by military authorities (the secret/shadow government) would engender civil war, a problem must be created -PROBLEM CREATION-of such severe proportions so as to evoke an opposite reaction by the masses, not only in the U.S., but worldwide. The creation of "Terrorism" is being implemented for that purpose. The unsuspecting masses view it, with the help of the controlled media, as life-threatening, (fear) while wrongly blaming a radical Muslim agenda. The truth is use of the Israeli Mossad and other mind-controlled intelligence operatives, are used for the destruction phase-not cavemen in Afghanistan or elsewhere. The Mossad is the killing machine employed by the Illuminati. (You will recall that ironclad investigative information appears on the Internet-well over 100,000 web pages confirming the deception. I will send you a slide show on the Pentagon hit shortly)

By creating an atmosphere of fear, new laws are passed (Patriot Act-Patterned after the Gestapo) embracing surveillance measures over the masses. This is the second phase of the deception called PROBLEM SOLUTION. Again, the Sheeple, rather than rebel against reductions in Constitutionally guaranteed liberties, go along with the road to slavery, believing the government seeks these laws to ensure personal safety. Of course, quite the opposite is intended. Eye scans, National ID cards, microchipped passports, cars, clothes, and most recently, FDA approval last week of human sub-dermal microchips (Digital Angel) is now reality. All that is left are the Sheeple's willingness to accept the chip-in order to insure their "safety.", a process that I believe will be concluded within the next few years-once of course-additional "terrorist" events occur on an even greater scale. ONCE THE CHIP IS ACCEPTED VIA FURTHER FEAR TACTICS, SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL OF THE MASSES WILL BE THE ORDER OF THE DAY. THIS WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED BY SATELLITE FEEDS (GPS), AND GROUND BASED COMPUTERS, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF CELL PHONE TOWERS. Jack, by manipulating frequencies, just as you do daily when switching radio stations, they have the means to alter human DNA, thereby controlling personality characteristics to their advantage.

The final phase of the Dialectic is called IMPLEMENT THE AGENDA. The hidden agenda is the establishment of a One-World Government, in essence, a corporate/technological feudal society, comprising the Illuminati at the top, controlling the now destroyed middle class remnants relegated to 3rd world nation status, controlled 24/7 by the slavemasters.

I will close by providing a vital link, revealing, as if the above were not enough, The Biggest Secret, in the world. Despite all of this, humankind possesses the necessary tools to reverse the controllerís ambitions by way of the truth telling process.

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