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George Paxinos
Submitted by Don Stacey
Dec. 2, 2004


I am a complete ignoramus at economics, but a thought has occurred to me:

Right now, what is still holding the USA above water, is the crooked corporate press, which is not giving anything like the true picture of the fact that the USA is bound to lose most ignominiously in Iraq, and is, in fact, taking a very heavy and unreported pounding now. As this finally becomes known, simply by being too obvious to hide anymore, it is bound to undermine international investor confidence, as people move their money into safer investments, elsewhere.

And in these days of a falling US Dollar, any net oil importer such as the EU, China or Japan cannot in its best interests wish to support the dollar against its own currency, because the lower the dollar falls, the relative cheaper will be its own oil imports, all else such as its own export market versus the dollar left out of the equation, and its only hope of competition against a falling dollar being cheaper oil for itself, so it will let the dollar slide in some balance of forces one against the other.

On the other hand, net oil exporters who still have to sell off their oil in dollars will be making less profit, unless the oil price in dollars is increased, or they themselves support the dollar, which latter would be tantamount to shooting themselves in the foot.

Or else they can demand payment in a more-stable currency, such as the Euro?

But if the oil-price becomes pegged in Euros, then exchange profits for the USA will fall away, and the dollar will slide still farther, and faster, too, further undermining investor confidence, and industries and jobs will be lost to the US, exacerbating an already-critical employment situation, as work is outsourced overseas in spite of a falling dollar making US exports cheaper on the world stage, because the rot in US productivity and the job market is already rampant as jobs are outsourced, and big US companies stash their own profits offshore.

And as the dollar falls, the US, as a net importer of oil, will have to pay relatively more dollars per barrel, against some other, stabler currency, making the impact of the dollar's fall noticeable at the pumps, in the USA itself.

Higher gas prices, when the entire hidden-agenda rationale for the "War Against Terrorism" was to steal someone else's oil without paying for it, will have a tremendous social impact in US daily life, which is largely, without extensive public-transport systems such as in Europe, and dependent upon high individual mobility which requires low gas prices.

Add to this inability to still relatively inexpensively commute to work areas and job opportunities becoming leaner by the passing day, the reduction of social structures for the purpose of privatising them away and with them, the safety nets of US society and the savings of the individual, together with fewer jobs, and social unrest on a quite unprecedented scale is bound to follow.

As the ruling Pirate Crew, its fingers in the oil-pie worldwide, will never back down either on raising its internal gasoline and oil prices (are they philanthropists,those for whom the killing of entire peoples is OK, just so long as they get their "free" oil, to sell at higher profits?), nor on their intent to exercise absolute control over their own people, so following on unrest will come repression, and following on repression, further loss of investor confidence, and following on that, greater loss of jobs, and so a continually falling dollar, and so higher gas prices at the pumps ... ad infinitum.

If I were a military analyst with some charge of saving my country from such a pirate crew, whereas one might believe or disbelieve the myth of some valid constitutional provision making the arrest of the President a possibility in case of his grievous wrongdoing leading to what is de-facto treason against his own people, I doubt, given the large number of people in administration apparently all on the take, and the fact that the average US citizen does not yet recognise the urgency of the situation in relation to their own country's well-being, and the closing window-of-opportunity to address this problem in any democratic way or otherwise -- I mean, pow(d)er to the people --that any such attempt would ever work out.

What I should do, as a military man, would be to organise a relatively small (200-300 or so) force of storm-troopers, enter the White House when all are known to be present (getting past the guard is something any military man will know is no problem at all), and simply take a rope for each pirate, tie a noose at one end around the necks of each traitor and the other end around the White House balcony balustrade, and toss the buggers over, to dangle there.

This is not the way it always has been done, except in some "banana"-republic, but, by God, it will set an example, to boot John and Jane Doe out of their stupor and into the present - and perhaps to even save their country -- in a rapidly-closing window-of-opportunity, which is down to such a knife-edge crack still left open, that only such an action, by a dedicated military man, might still save it.

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