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Don Stacey
Jan. 18, 2005

This response was posted here:

Saturday, January 15, 2005 Casualty Figures. From the Pentagon as of January 14th 2005,figures have been released at some 1361 U.S personnel killed and just over 10,000 wounded from the Iraq war and occupation.Is this a true reflection of the actual casualties or a manipulation of the figures ? The Iraq war from its inception was domestically and internationally unpopular especially as it went specifically against the will of the United Nations regarding pre-emptive war on the grounds of so called WMDs.The first casualty of war is always the truth.The war itself was instigated by the Neoconservatives in the U.S and it is they who control the Pentagon and military administration,Mr Rumsfield and Mr Wolfowitz themselves have control of the information flow out of Iraq,that will be inclusive of casualty figures released by Centcom.Is it in their interest to manipulate casualty flows ? In my opinion, most definately,purely on the reasons that the higher the casualties the greater the resolve of Americas domestic population, starting to not only question the Iraq invasion but also the occupation and the reasons why America is still in Iraq,a hardening of public opinion against occupation and grounds to call the troops home.The greater the casualties the louder the voices will become to withdraw.This will in effect forclose on the PNAC doctrine of pre-emptive wars around the world,which is the Neocons dream.Much is at stake for them.The true casualty figures will only be known by those at the Pentagon and a few selected personnel.Gauging previous articles and statements made from various individulas and organisations since March 2003,casualty figures can be pieced together to give a truer reflection on what the real cost in servicemans lives are. In November 2003 a Surgeon at the Ramstein medical base in Germany stated that it had received 9,500 casualties from Iraq needing surgery including over 3000 amputations.In the same month a chief administrator at Baghdad airport stated that it had shipped out around 22,000 injured servicemen and women.In April 2004 the Veterans association stated that it had received 26,633 disability claims from servicemen returning from Iraq.Two months later on the Mcglochlin political show aired by CNN,discussion was on a casualty figure centred around 27,000.That in its own confirms the other statistics given above.From various blogs and articles from surgeons,doctors and medical staff,it seems they were dealing with around 50 casualties a day,somewhere in the region of 1,500 a month.Now here is where i have to start speculating and peice the information together as Sherlock Holmes would do.Since April 2004 Najaf exploded in violence twice and the same can be said for Fallujah each incident taking approximately a month to contain.Both Najaf and Fallujah caused extensive resistance not only too those areas but extended out to other areas in Iraq,so that from that, there would be an increase in casualties,i would put it at double the average,around 3,000 each for these 4 months totaling 12,000 casualties.From April 2004 to today January 2005 is ten months,using the template average of 1,500 casualties per month is 15,000 and adding a further 1,500 casualties per month for those four explosive months in Najaf and Fallujah gives a further 6,000.Therefore that leaves a total of 21,000 casualties from April 2004 to date,add that to the Veterans association figures of 26,633 casualties pre April 2004 giving a total of 48,000 casualties.Using a rough guide of 1 soldier killed for every 8 wounded gives a figure of 6,000 killed. In my opinion the true casualty figures of Iraq is around 6,000 servicemen killed and 48,000 wounded.Totaling 54,000.If my figures are accurate then the pentagon is only reporting,making public 20% of the casualties.Many people will state this can not be possible.They cannot hide that ammount.Vietnam was a good reflection initially 6,000 Kia were reported later that rose to 58,000 and later a further 40,000 were deemed missing in action.So if Vietnam is anything to judge,then most certainly casualty figures are manipulated for public consumption. Posted by Bluesky

I just received this message and am passing it along. Don't you wonder how many of our troops are REALLY dead? How many died, not from combat, but from radiation poisoning? We don't seem to get any numbers on those deaths.

Don Stacey

US Iraq Casualties Projected At 6,000 Dead, 48,000 Wounded

Ya' just gotta' wonder how long it'll be for all those gung-ho arm chair generals out there who support the half wit in the White House are going to sheepishly admit they screwed up. When the figure reaches 12,000 dead? When their grandchilddren are drafted and killed? When.

Somebody needs to tell President Half Wit that there's no winning a "war" on terror. Terrorists are guerrillas. You can't beat guerrillas. You can, however, address what made them guerrillas, sit at a peace table and work things out.

"Oh we knew there were no weapons of mass destruction, we knew. We're not stupid."

Abu Abdul Shamir:
"Then why did you attack my country? Why?"

"'mericans like to drive SUVs and Hummers. You guys had oil. Tough luck."

Abu Abdul:
"But you've killed countless people in my country! Women, children, old people. You've tainted our soil with your uranium ~ they call it depleted, but it isn't. It has crippled our soil with radiation that will last forever, causing our babies to be born deformed . . . You'd do this to human beings in order to drive big cars?"

"Listen buddy, it goes deeper than that. Get it ~ I just made a joke! 'Deeper' and 'oil' ~ get it? Anyway, let me get right to the point. You're ragheads, and ragheads attacked our buildings in New York City, see; so all ragheads don't mean ... to us."

Abu Abdul:
"With all due respect, we all know that you planned and executed those maneuvers on 9/11 yourselves. Americans may not know it, but the whole rest of the world does. We've done nothing to you."

"All right, that does it, we're outa' here!" Turns and calls out: "Jenkins, call for my 'chopper!"

"Name's Renkins, Mr. President."

"Renkins Jenkins, what the hell's the difference? Come on, let's go home. Let's just blow Baghdad off the map; we'll show this mf."

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