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Adolph Bush circumnavigates Congress

Submitted by Don Stacey
Jan. 28, 2005

OK, I'll accept that the delusional Neo-Cons running foreign policy, including Bush, think that they can take out or counter the Sunburn and other related missile technology that Russia and China sold Iran as a counter to the US Aircraft Carriers.

Just because they do, that does not make it so.

The result of all this is going to be the destruction of the American Fleet, the US economy and a world wide depression.

The good times are over.

I truly do not know what tactics to use now to deny the governmental power to this current cut throat regime in DC. Clearly, what we have done so far has not worked.

Bush has killed us all. And, we will go down in the history books as Nazis.


From: Dstacey

"...Missiles launched from Iran could do widespread damage not only in Tel Aviv, but also in Paris, Berlin and Brussels...".

So what? The point that everyone seems to miss is simply this: Why would Iran want to hit any of these cities? It is feasible to suspect that Iran does indeed possess such long-range capability, but why would she want to launch an attack on Paris, Berlin and Brussels? Just for fun? She has no doctrine of preemption that we know of, so if she does strike it will only be in retaliation. Should the US attack Canada because a few years from now she may decide to build a bomb...? Just because European cities can be hit from Iran does not mean that she is planning to do so. Remember, Blair said Iraq could have bombs landing on London in 45 minutes. That was a blatant lie told to justify the attack on Iraq. The very fact that this type of statement is made means that they are intending to provoke a confrontation with Iran and want to ensure that they render her incapable of responding. If they were not planning to attack, there would be no need to worry about her taking out capitals where people are most likely driving around on her oil.


A weekly newsletter dedicated to the peaceful reform of the United States government.


The war on terror and the play on 9/11 was getting a bit difficult to extend to other nations, so the inaugural theme was converted to a war on tyranny. No doubt it was all carefully planned. George Bush talked about our obligation to spread freedom across the globe, and then Dick Cheney dropped a bomb when he raised the possibility that Israel might decide on her own to destroy the Iran's nuclear facilities. But the Seymour Hersh article in the New Yorker magazine may have been a genuine leak. It stated that the U.S. was conducting covert operations in Iran in preparation for a possible military strike. According to the article, the president has authorized the Pentagon to send secret commando forces into as many as TEN NATIONS in the Middle East and South Asia. The secret forces could potentially carry out combat operations or even terrorist acts. Hersh said that Bush used the Pentagon for the missions instead of the CIA in order to avoid having to report to Congress.

The administration called the article a bunch of lies, but they did not deny the general thrust of what Hersh had said. Will all of this prepare the American public for more military action in the Middle East? Even George Bush must realize that we do not have enough troops for such a venture, but he obviously believes that he must do something! Can he get others to do it for him? What about Iran? For a number of years the International Atomic Energy Agency, with prodding by Israel and European powers, has been trying to get that nation to open up its facilities to the UN inspectors. The IAEA is very concerned. Missiles launched from Iran could do widespread damage not only in Tel Aviv, but also in Paris, Berlin and Brussels. The public has no way of really knowing whether Iran's nuclear program poses an imminent threat or if it more closely resembles Iraq's phantom weapons of mass destruction. But the more alarming development is the report that Bush used the Pentagon rather than the CIA so that he would not have to answer to Congress. He got rid of Colin Powell who told him he needed more troops in Iraq, and now there will be no dissent within his cabinet. This president is in need of assurance that he is right, and his ego demands that everyone know he is in charge. Those around him understand the rules: rubber stamps get medals; all others get fired. "Advisors" will fall in line telling him only what he wants to hear and saluting as they leave meetings. From all appearances George Bush believes he has God on his side and a mandate from the American people. The article in the New Yorker has raised concerns world-wide that George Bush intends to rid the world of tyranny even if he has to flatten cities and kill and maim thousands. President Bush has a noble idea, but Americans could well ask if it is realistic and worth the human sacrifice. Is there any spine left in Congress?

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