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Justin Darr
Sep. 18, 2005

Here is a quick “Final Jeopardy” question for you: “Name an organization that within the last year has been found complicit in child molestation and prostitution, abandoning hundreds of thousands of civilians to genocide because they are not Muslim, summarily terminating the employment of those who wrote a book outlining the organization’s systematic patterns of abuse, actively working to obstruct an investigation that proved that its employees where taking bribes and kickbacks from funds intended to feed women and children, and still receives the praises of those who feel America should yield its national sovereignty over to it.”

“What is the United Nations, Alex?”

“Very good! You get to move on to the next round and for the rest of you, here is the home version of the game and a couple of boxes of ‘Rice-a-Roni’.”

Imagine for a moment that the United Nations was not the UN, but the United States Congress. How long do you think the American people would tolerate American troops molesting the children of evacuees from New Orleans, or reports of FEMA officials siphoning off relief aid so they could build vacation homes?

It would be a scandal beyond compare. Officials would resign and many prosecuted, elected leaders would demand accountability, and any involved removed from office either through impeachment or the voters. And, it would all be completely justified. Anyone capable of or allowing such exploitation it has no business in a position of authority.

However, American liberals do not apply the same scrutiny to the United Nations as they do to their own government. Liberals prefer to ignore the ineptness of the UN in favor of the belief that the United States is the source of evil in the modern world. The UN is not anti-Semitic, America ignores the plight of the Palestinians; the UN is not controlled by anti-American tyrants, America is imperialistic; the UN is not incapable of following through on its resolutions, America is unilateralist; and so forth.

Since, in the eyes of the left, everything the United Nations does is so good, and everything the United States so bad, perhaps it is time for a change. Who knows? Maybe the liberals are right and America is the sole cause of global warming, the deforestation of the rain forest, and the slave trade from North Africa to the Mid-East.

There is only one way to find out, and that is for the United States to model its behavior after that of the UN. Below is a list what this might look like. It might seem rather radical, childish, and shortsighted, but it is a small price to pay for the respect of the left and the adoration of the world’s petty dictators.

  1. All UN dues paid by the United States must be administered in the same way the UN manages its relief efforts. This should include the 75% standard reduction in funds for “administrative costs,” and the construction of luxury hotels for American observers to sleep while they ensure the spending of our money.

  2. The United States will fully support all UN peacekeeping missions. However, now rather than sending troops, the United States Congress shall issue a resolution of condemnation of the conflict and then hope it just goes away on its own.

  3. Whenever anything happens to ease the suffering of the poverty stricken, the United States will send in three mid-level dignitaries at the end to take full credit for the project.

  4. In event of a natural disaster, the United States shall lead the “Stop Being So Stingy” sing-a-long.

  5. In the event of a major terrorist attack overseas, the United States will hand out thousands of vigil candles, flags of the attacked nation, have a parade where we release a bunch of doves, and then hope it does not happen again.

  6. The United States will recognize that access to medical care, education, and clean water are all secondary to the right of women in Third World countries to have access to forced abortions.
That does not seem too bad, does it? But it gets better. Here are a few where we can really have some fun.
  1. The United States will severely restrict the export of all technology, medicine, and access to our university system to any nation that does not fully support our call to push all Muslims in England “into the sea.”

  2. The United States will demand the right of all Americans of European descent to return to Europe at will, and then demand that their immediate geographical area be declared an independent state.

  3. If anyone in the world happens to break an American law, the United States will demand his or her extradition to stand trial in an American court.

  4. In the event American troops encounter armed resistance, they will immediately return to their bases and prepare to go home, leaving the opposing force to slaughter and rape the local civilians as international law dictates.

  5. The United States Department of State will restructure its negotiation guidelines to include, whining, pouting and not talking to the other party, putting their heads down on the negotiation table and covering their ears while making a loud humming noise, erratic outbursts of temper where the American negotiator will accuse other parties of being “paper tigers,” and trying to make the other parties feel sorry for us.
The United Nations the left admires is a myth. The dream of a world at peace in international harmony free from want and disease is the most admirable of goals. However, the simple fact of the matter is that the world is so vast, cultures so diverse, and the needs of differing geographic areas so disparate, that no one body, no matter how well intentioned, can achieve these lofty goals. Bringing all the parties together does not solve the problems, it just creates a microcosm of the discord.

The United Nations is now defunct. Rather than wasting our time trying to fix an organization beyond repair, we should look ahead toward building a new international body. Not one based just on lofty goals and romantic dreams, but on accountability and reality.

© Justin Darr

Justin Darr is a freelance writer living in the Philadelphia area with his wife and twin children. He can be read widely on the Internet and in publications across North America and in Europe.

Justin Darr is a staff writer for The New Media Alliance, and proud member of the MoveOff Network.

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