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Al Benson Jr.
Submitted by Charleston Voice
Aug. 17 2005

As a sidebar to Al Benson's article below, see how the Republicans railroaded the Negro vote during Reconstruction. Eerily, similar to what's going on today:


We are today having all manner of problems with illegal immigrants crossing our almost non-existent borders, particularly our border with Mexico. Our current problems with Mexico go back at least to the Marxist revolution that took place there early in the twentieth century. We've all seen the movies about how the romantic Mexican bandits became revolutionaries so they could combat the evil regime in power and set all the oppressed peoples of Mexico free so they could govern themselves. Legends are made from such gigantic piles of cow chips as these.

Wall Street and the Bolsheviks were both heavily involved in the "romantic" Mexican revolution. The late Antony Sutton in his book "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution" noted, on page 52 of that book: "Payment for ammunition that was shipped from the United States to the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, was made through Guaranty Trust Company. Von Rintelen's advisor, Sommerfeld, paid $380,000 via Guaranty Trust and Mississippi Valley Trust Company to the Western Cartridge Company of Alton, Illinois, for ammunition shipped to El Paso for forwarding to Villa. This was mid-1915. On January 10, 1916, Villa murdered seventeen American miners at Santa Isabel and on March 9, 1916, Villa raided Columbus, New Mexico, and killed eighteen more Americans...The raids upon the US by the Villa and Carranza forces were reported in the 'New York Times' as the 'Texas Revolution' (a kind of dry run for the Bolshevik Revolution) and were undertaken jointly by Germans and Bolsheviks." So, in a sense, you can say that the Marxist Mexican Revolution was "made in the USA." Sutton also informed us that: "Consequently, the Carranza government, the first in the world with a Soviet-type constitution (which was written by Trotskyites) was a government with support on Wall Street." Is anyone surprised, and has anything really changed?

Blair Coan in "The Red Web" originally published around 1925, wrote: "Mexico is today, was yesterday, and will be tomorrow the most fertile incubator of Bolshevik revolution on the American continent."

As if to agree with what Antony Sutton wrote regarding the Mexican constitution, Sol Sanders wrote in his book "Mexico Chaos on our Doorstep" that: "The constitutional structure of the state itself...the United States of Mexico--is a lie. No more highly centralized system exists anywhere in the world outside the Communist bloc than in Mexico, despite official professions to the contrary. The thirty-two states (plus the federal district of Mexico City) are simply administrative units of the central government." Despite the fact that Mr. Fox has been elected president of Mexico and he is of a different party than that which ruled the country for so many decades, has anything really changed? Every four years in this country we get the chance to vote for either a Republican or Democrat candidate for president--and no matter which one wins the One World agenda continues on uninterrupted. So why should Mexico be any different?

The only problem is that some in Mexico have apparently realized that their Marxist economics (voo doo economics?) have not and will not work for them and so they are trying to alleviate their problem by exporting it to the United States. They are not about to institute any real reforms as that might reduce their power and their Marxist government is not able to care for all the people that have been brought up under their beneficent reign, so the best solution for them is to encourage, officially and unofficially, as many of them as possible to head north, illegally or any way they can.

Senors Fox and Bush have cozied up together and so Fox knows that G W is not about to encourage the Border Patrol to do its job. If we wait long enough he may yet have the Border Patrol out in the desert handing out desert survival packages to the wetbacks as they emerge from the Rio Grande! Private citizens' groups like the Minutemen are out there doing what the federal government should be doing but can't be bothered with. After all, if we can just get all these illegals some kind of amnesty, then maybe we can get enough of them registered to vote and they will vote for us in the next election if we promise them enough goodies! And just who will foot the bill for all we are spending caring for the illegals? Why the lucky American taxpayer has the rare privilege of doing that. Shouldn't he be thankful??? The politicians probably wonder why John Q. Public is not real happy about that. After all, they are only trying to get all those illegals up here so they can take all those jobs the lazy Americans don't want anymore. More cow chips!

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, one of the diminishing number of Congressmen that makes sense anymore has noted: "Amnesty of illegal aliens is not the answer. Millions of people who broke the law by entering, staying, and working in our country illegally should not be rewarded with a visa. Why should lawbreakers obtain a free pass, while those seeking to immigrate legally face years of paperwork and long waits for a visa." Paul wants to end subsidies for illegal immigrants, many of whom get food stamps, medical care, and other types of welfare--again, paid for by us lucky taxpayers. Paul notes that we are still patrolling the Korean border over 50 years after that conflict has ended, yet our own borders, porous by comparison, are left almost unpatrolled, except when the Minutemen are able to show up and do it.

One might wonder if this apparent lack of concern about our Southern border is purely accidental. If enough illegals flood the country they will eventually destroy its heritage and culture, which would, no doubt, delight many of them. They have no real sense of liberty, and hence, no real desire to preserve or extend it. They will support whatever politicians hand them enough freebies. This will eventually destroy the culture of not only the South, but of other parts of the country as well-and who can say that this is not the real name of the game?


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